I’m writing this 3 years later because I want people to know my personal experience at ACN. My experience is my own and I have not made a single statement below out of thin air. People can say what they want about ACN. Just try it yourself and post your own “true” experience.

I think the last time and my only time that I was at ACN was in about 2006. One of my buddies introduced me and brought me to the place. When I walked into the ACN building he had me meet all kinds of people that worked at ACN, mostly the top people who supposedly made a lot of money. I noticed that pretty much everyone that was there that were starting were teenagers and people in their 20’s. So they gave us seats just a few away from the front with all the other people. A few of my other friends were invited to this presentation but after a few minutes they said this is a scam and walked out while I stayed. The presentation began and they have several different older men giving presentations about how great it is to be working at ACN. They stated that you could make “a lot” of money if you want to. So after a few speakers went up and explained what they were buying with their money that they made, they brought us back to this room with just me and my friend who invited me. He asked me if I liked the presentation and If I was interested in making “a lot” of money. I stupidly said yes and he immediately asked if I would be able to get $500.00 there by tomorrow. I explained that it would be hard but he said you can make a lot of money. “Think about if, if you put in $500 dollars and then you get more people to put in $500 dollars, you earn the money from recruiting them into it. At no time did he ever say anything about selling any phone products or whatever else they supposedly sell.

The ACN rep made it clear that the way to make money was to recruit people and I would make money off of them. Well I didn’t give them any money that day but he said you bring me $500 dollars and I will make you rich. I had doubts about this company since my friends said it was a scam, so when I got home I did some research about them and found a whole bunch of links and complaints about how ACN is a scam. Well I decided then and there that this company is “most likely” a scam since everyone has complaints about it. Granted many companies have complaints against them. Since then, I have never gone back to ACN and as of now my buddy doesn’t work there anymore. I am not sure why though and he divorced his wife whom he worked with at ACN.

Perhaps this ACN location is the one that sours the bunch as I have never visited another ACN location, or perhaps this whole setup really is to call your families and have them put in $500. If very few succeed and stick with it, that’s an easy $500 for whoever as ACN gets the money.

It really is humorous that ACN employees are making comments about my experience. I had no idea these ACN employees were with me when I was there.

Here’s a link to Fox 11 investigating ACN.